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Plastic Tank

Tanks which are made of PP, PE, PVC and HDPE materials, provide the 100% resistance to corrosif chemicals.The tanks have extensive using area in many sectors like as Chemical, food, metal, coating, automotive, dung etc.


Plastic Tanks make to customer order. Mechanic design and manufacturing make to based on process datas and technical drawings from our customers. As a result of the made analysis, steel construction is used to increase the strength of the tank if necessary.


As in metal tanks, like sight glass,nozzul, manhole, breather plug equipments are usable. The most important feature of plastic tanks is they have excellent corrosion resistance by way of molecular bond structure.


The safe working temperature of the tanks which made of Polyethylene materials, difference between -20°C  -  +80°C.


The safe working temperature of the tanks which made of Polypropylene  materials, difference between 0°C  -  +100°C.

Areas of Usage


  • Forage Industry

  • Animal Feed

  • Chemistry

  • Fertilizer

  • Medicine

  • Build

  • Metal processing

  • Laboratories



  • Long life.

  • Resistant to chemicals.

  • Corrosion resistance does not require any paint or special coating.

  • It has the sealing feature.

  • Resistant to acidic and corrosive gases.

  • Lighter than metallic systems.

  • They are not affected by acid, base and salt.

  • It is compatible with food. They do not produce bacteria.

  • They do not change the smell and taste of the liquid passing through.

  • It has high electrical resistance.

  • Their specific gravity is low