Plastic Prismatic Air Duct


  • Polypropylene  (PP) Reduction

  • Polyethylene  (PE) Reduction

  • PVC Reductio

Areas Of Usage

  • Laboratoires

  • Chemical Industry

  • Food Industry

  • Metallurgy ve Mining Industry

  • Medical Centres

  • Cleanrooms

Superior Properties of  Channel

  • Long Life

  • Resistant to chemicals.

  • Corrosion resistance does not require any paint or special coating.

  • It has the leaktightness feature.

  • Compatible with the environment.

  • It is easy to assemble.

  • Resistant to acidic and corrosive gases.

  • Lighter than metallic systems.

  • They are not affected by acid, base and salt. 

  • It is compatible with food. They do not produce bacteria.

  • They do not change the smell and taste of the liquid passing through.

  • It has high electrical resistance.

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In our facility, air ducts are produced on all sizes until from 100mm cross section  to 4000mm cross section.