• Polypropylene  (PP) Air Silencer

  • Polyethylene  (PE) Air Silencer

  • PVC Air Silencer

Areas Of Usage

  • Laboratoires

  • Chemical Industry

  • Food Industry

  • Metallurgy ve Mining Industry

  • Medical Centres

  • Cleanrooms

Superior Properties of  Channel

  • Long Life

  • Resistant to chemicals.

  • Corrosion resistance does not require any paint or special coating.

  • It has the leaktightness feature.

  • Compatible with the environment.

  • It is easy to assemble.

  • Resistant to acidic and corrosive gases.

  • Lighter than metallic systems.

  • They are not affected by acid, base and salt. 

  • It is compatible with food. They do not produce bacteria.

  • They do not change the smell and taste of the liquid passing through.

  • It has high electrical resistance.

They are used to avoid sound transmission in air conditioning and ventilation systems. The air silencer, via connected to each other by air ducts where between on locals. In our facility, two types of air silencer are manufactured, namely flanged and with collar .


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