About Us

Our company that Plastown, has started to provide service with produce to Plastic Scrubber, Plastic Jet Pulse Filter, Plastic Mixer and Plastic Ducts and equipment made of Polypropylene and Polyethylene materials to many industiral facilities for the first months of 2018.

With the investments and partnerships we have made, starting our activities in filter sector present filters ( to be packet ) which used for in ventilation systems to our customer. Casette filter, bag filter and cartridge filter's productions proceed  with reasonable price and sense of quality.

We continue to our activities by we adopt principle which continuous development with experienced engineer and technician workmates as a who working in all our departments.

Our company, which constantly renews itself by following the technological developments in the sector, has adopted the consciousness of quality, environment and work security as the unchanged target with all its employees as well as customer satisfaction as well as sales and after sales services.



Quality, safety, comfortable and economical services presentation and on behalf of customer satisfaction constantly development,

By always increasing the service quality, respect to all customers, employees and business and provide the best service of them,

Being an organization that always acts with a high acceleration,

Open to innovation, work with technology integrated



By always keeping the customer-oriented products and services at the highest level with the products and services in international quality standards; to maintain a prestigious, reliable and preferred brand.

To become one of the leading names in the business areas where he has achieved growth potential and to carry that success from in national measurement to international arena.


Why Plastic ?

Plastic materials are lightweight.

The supply is fast.

It is easy to store.

The application is easy.


Long life.

It is sturdy.

It is flexible.

It can be processed at lower temperatures than other materials.

While more energy is spent during the processing of other materials, less energy is consumed in the plastic processing.

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